Your Ann Howell Bullard handbag has been designed and constructed using the finest materials and techniques available to us. 

If you treat your handbag with care and respect, it will eventually become your favorite vintage handbag. :) 

  • Do not allow hand lotion, hand sanitizer, insect repellent, perfume, makeup, or any other chemicals to come in contact with your handbag. Chemicals can break down the protective sealant that has been applied to your hand-painted handbag. As we are all using loads of hand sanitizer at the moment, simply allow the sanitizer to fully dry and sink into your skin before handling your bag.
  • Take care with keys, bracelets, jewelry, etc. to avoid scratching your handbag.
  • Store your handbag in the organic cotton dust bag provided. Do not store your handbag in plastic or anything airtight. Do not store your handbag in excessively hot, cold, or humid environments.